Nordic Folk Drummer

“Jens Linell is one of the most folk-sensitive and lyrical drummers around” - Fiona Talkington, Songlines

"There is something about Jens Linell's drumming that offers a key to the whole. It's the sort of playing that's so right you may not even notice it behind the melodic invention of his bandmates" - Oz Hardwik, RnR Magazine

Jens Linell

Jens Linell is one of the leading percussionists in the Nordic folk music scenes of today. He has dedicated himself to the art of being a melody player on drums, and also bring in elements from jazz, rock and free improvised music.

”I want to step out of the role as a drummer, the timekeeper, and to just follow the melody - wherever it goes”.

The first thing you'll notice is the fact that he plays mostly with his hands: smashing cymbals, softly caressing the snare or banging the tambourine. Starting out as a punk drummer the standard kit is also a dear old friend, whilst trying to keep the energy and forward push of punk-rock-playing in an improvised or folk musical setting.

Jens has opened new doors with SVER, touring the USA & Canada, on the youth radio charts with Snakka San & SVER and at jazz festivals with Trondheim Jazz Orchestra. He does solo concerts as well as being part of SVER, Mæd Luggumt, GKN5, and Triller.